Custom Extrusions

AGT Products
has the capability to cutom manufacture a variety of custom designs for extrusions and tubes, with our in-house design team, ready to take your idea or design and create a 3-D printed prototype and make them a reality. Our quality crafted molds and dies are met to specifications and hand-crafted by our mold and die experts.  AGT operates with multi-capable extrusion lines, including: 2-1/2" and 3-1/2" extrusion lines, twin screws, and 1/2" screw lines.

AGT - Custom Extrusions. Give us a call to discuss your next project.AGT's extrusion division provides state-of-the-art processing technologies for extrudes co-extrusions, tri-extrusions, and multi-extrusions.  In addition, we offer dual-material processing, vacuum sizing, film laminating, die-cut punching, and injection molding.

We are a complete solutions provider that offers custom extrusion, which allows us to manufacture a variety of components that include extruded Sign Channels, C-Channels, Power Wing Clips, Flip-UP Sign Cannels, Scan Hook Labels, and Price Channels, just to name a few. By meeting our customer's needs with the ability to launch a successful line of products at retail, we have increased our cusomer's satisfaction.

Here is why you should consider AGT for your next project:

  • Our staff at AGT will assist you in fine-tuning your design and ideas to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of custom extrusion
  • We are one of the industries leading designers and fabricators of quality custom extrusions. Our team of engineers, designers, and personnel, are guaranteed to guide you through the entire custom profile extrusion processes
  • We ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality in both products and service to fulfill all your needs
  • With years of manufacturing experience as our specialty, a partnership with AGT is the best way to shape your ideas

What we offer as Custom Extruders:

  • Endless capabilities in design, mold-making, production, quality inspection, and turnaround times
  • Accurate design and craft of a mold/die to your exact requirements and specifications
  • Samples and prototypes that can be delivered to your location, as we await approval or any adjustments
  • The capability to customize colors, product size, packaging, and any other requests you may have

At AGT Products, our team welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a low cost, highly creative, total custom solution on your next project. We understand the demand for new, better, and innovative ideas. By cutting out the middle man and working directly with a custom manufacturing like AGT, we can provide you with designing and engineering, analysis, prototyping, and in-house production. AGT Products is a fine competitor that exceeds the standards of the industries, for custom manufacturing.

At AGT, we guarantee you can find an easy and cost-effective solution on your next extrusion project.