our-engineersAt AGT Products, we are committed to providing you with the latest high-tech equipment for the most up-to-date tooling , designs, technology, and personnel on every order. Our experienced design team will assist you in developing and prototyping any new projects or ideas. We provide our customers with innovated technology, up-to-date SPC Systems, and a Total Custom Solution.

Our capabilities expand into our state-of-the-art fine element software and program systems, such as SolidWorks and 3-D CAD. All of our experienced designers and engineers, are equipped with the latest technology and certified with the latest software, providing our customers with top world class service in the extrusion industry.

qc-correctedAGT Products' diversity allows us to provide our customers with both custom and stock manufacturing opportunities, as well as unlimited possibilities and resources to help bring your ideas to life. With our diversity in extrusion, we are able to serve various industries, and fulfill any customer's needs, designs, or ideas. 


From one reliable source, AGT can fit all your needs.